Public Transportation

Public Transportation

Protect the People You Transport Every Day

Every day millions of people utilize public transportation. Health emergencies such as sudden cardiac arrest are not uncommon on public transit.

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Now there is something you can do to improve the odds dramatically for your passengers and employees with a solution that is easy to use and inexpensive to buy.

Defibtech’s solution

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is caused by chaotic electrical activity in the heart and can only be treated with an electric shock called defibrillation. Recent advances in modern technology, along with legislative support from federal and state governments, have made a solution available to the public. Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are this life-saving solution.

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With its compact, highly-visible design and clear instructions, Defibtech’s AEDs are ideal for helping transportation operators and fellow riders save lives even if they have no previous training.

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Key advantages of Defibtech AEDs

Simplicity Intuitive design and easy to operate
Cost-Effective Cost-effective
Water Excellent dust and water protection
Light Weight Lightweight and compact for easy storage and deployment
Battery Long-lasting 5-year or 7-year battery pack for frequent/extended use
Durability Exceptional durability and reliability
Voice Loud, clear voice prompts
Defibtech products are installed at many top organizations including
LA Fitness

Get support

Defibtech has developed an Advocate Support Program to help everyday people champion for an AED device that can save lives in the event of sudden cardiac arrest. Need help with selecting an AED or not sure which AEDs are right for your facility or public space? Simply contact our Advocacy Support Representative and they will be happy to help.

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