Being Prepared on the Go

Being Prepared on the Go

April 11, 2023


Travel can sometimes feel like chaos. But to add to that, sudden cardiac arrest can strike at any time, even when you are traveling with family and friends. When CPR is provided immediately and an AED is used quickly, survival rates from sudden cardiac arrest increase significantly. Even when you are on the go, there are important things you should ask and know to make sure you are prepared for an emergency situation. Here are some tips that will help keep you prepared for a sudden cardiac arrest while traveling.

Personal AED

A great reason to own an AED is that you can take it with you everywhere. The quicker an AED is used, the higher the chances are of survival from sudden cardiac arrest. By owning an AED, you can ensure you have it on you at all times when sudden cardiac arrest strikes. You can bring an AED with you in your car, on a train, or even on an airplane.


When checking into a hotel, a good question to ask is if they have an AED and where the AED is located. Often times, hotels are massive buildings, and it is crucial to find the AED as quickly as possible when it is needed. Make this question part of your routine of things that you ask at check-in.


Many airports are equipped with multiple AEDs. When walking through an airport, keep an eye out for AEDs and the three-dimensional universal AED sign. If someone in the airport suddenly collapses, grab the AED and use it as soon as possible.


All commercial airlines in the United States are required to carry an AED onboard their planes and train their staff on how to use them. If an emergency happens in the air, it is important to let flight staff know immediately. There may be multiple people on board trained in CPR and how to use an AED. It is important to make sure to allow different people to provide good, quality chest compressions to keep the compressions as effective as possible for as long as possible.


Although there may not be an AED on board your train, you can still help if sudden cardiac strikes. Make sure to notify a member of the train staff right away and start performing CPR. Perform CPR for as long as possible until the AED arrives or until the train stops where medical staff should be waiting.

Cruise Ships

Recently, President Biden signed legislation mandating that AEDs are to be placed on all cruise ships in the United States. While on a cruise, it is again important to ask and take note of where the AEDs are located.

As a reminder, anyone can use an AED. Just turn it on and follow the step-by-step instructions telling you what to do. Whether home or traveling, it is important to have an emergency action plan in place which will provide the best possible chances of survival.

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