The Positive Impacts of Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survival

The Positive Impacts of Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survival

November 10, 2022

Sudden cardiac arrest affects approximately 356,000 people per year across the United States. Less than 10% of these people survive. It does not discriminate! Sudden cardiac arrest affects people of all ages, races, and genders. According to Parent Heart Watch, sudden cardiac arrest affects 23,000 people under the age of 18 annually. The only way someone can survive sudden cardiac arrest is with immediate CPR and the quick shock from an AED.
Although survival rates are low, when someone is saved, it can have a massive impact on this person’s community. Let’s take a look at who can be positively affected following sudden cardiac arrest survival. 


 When sudden cardiac arrest occurs, the heart has stopped beating. When the heart stops working, blood is no longer flowing throughout the body and many times, people refer to someone suffering from sudden cardiac arrest as dead. When someone survives, it gives them a second chance. A chance to go back home and see their family, a chance to follow their dreams and achieve their goals, and a chance to spend more time with their friends. 


 Survival from sudden cardiac arrest allows a family to spend more time together. It allows them to gather for more holidays, birthdays, and other celebrations. Unfortunately, when a life is lost from sudden cardiac arrest, it prevents the opportunities to create memories that would be possible if immediate CPR was provided and an AED was used.


 We don’t often think about the impact losing a young friend or any friend can have on people. When a young person passes away after suffering sudden cardiac arrest, a group of friends have to not only experience death at a young age, but also grow up without a friend. This is devastating. When lives are saved from sudden cardiac arrest, it allows friend groups to stay together and create a lifetime of memories.


Unfortunately, society is oftentimes reactive, rather than proactive. This means something negative happens before communities get involved and are fully prepared to help save a life from sudden cardiac arrest. At Defibtech, we urge EVERYONE to be prepared. Someone should NOT need to lose their life or almost lose their life before communities are equipped with a lifesaving AED program. When someone survives sudden cardiac arrest, it helps raise awareness within a community. It helps educate community members about the importance of CPR and having AEDS within 3 minutes of all locations.

Increasing Survival Rates from SCA

At Defibtech, our mission is to increase survival rates from sudden cardiac arrest. The more awareness we can raise and the more AEDS we can deploy, the more lives we will help save. When someone survives sudden cardiac arrest, it can have a ripple effect with a positive impact on many people!
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