Parent Heart Watch Heart to Heart Conference Recap & Takeaways

Parent Heart Watch Heart to Heart Conference Recap & Takeaways

January 29, 2024


Earlier this month, members of our our team attended the annual Heart to Heart Conference at Duke University hosted by Parent Heart Watch. This inspiring weekend brings together nonprofit organizations, advocates, sudden cardiac arrest survivors, industry leaders, and medical professionals to discuss one common goal: how to eliminate preventable deaths from sudden cardiac arrest in youth by 2030. 

Nonprofit Partners

We are very proud of our growing nonprofit program and had the opportunity to reconnect with many of them at Duke. Click a link below to learn more about our nonprofit partners who were in attendance at Heart to Heart: 

Greg Holthaus Memorial Fund 

EKGs for EGK 

John Taylor Babbitt Foundation 

In A Heartbeat 

Kyle J. Taylor Foundation 

Dominic A. Murray 21 Memorial Foundation 

Grey’s Army Foundation 

Matthew Mangine Jr. One Shot Foundation 

Zac Mago Foundation 


Living for Zachary 

Aidan’s Heart Foundation 

Matthew Krug Memorial Foundation 

The Conference

The event kicked off on Thursday, January 11, with the inaugural CSRC Think Tank - Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Young: Pathway to Survival. The objectives of this meeting were: 

  1. Address the prevention of sudden cardiac death in the young, specifically focusing on improving survival pathways
  2. Enhancing screening and detection methods
  3. Establishing national standards of care

Friday kicked off the opening of Heart to Heart. CPR/AED certification was offered to all attendees, there were support sessions for families that have both lost a child to sudden cardiac arrest and had a child survive sudden cardiac arrest. Friday night concluded a dinner and Heroes for Young Hearts Awards Presentation.  

Saturday consisted of speakers on all different topics. This started with the basics of sudden cardiac arrest over breakfast. Other topics included an update on the Parent Heart Watch mission, progress that has been made, updates on the work being done by some of the member organizations and much more.  

There were a few more speakers on Sunday before the event wrapped up and everyone went their separates ways back home. It is truly an inspiring weekend that rejuvenates and motivates everyone to continue on their mission.  

Supporting PHW

We are proud to be a sponsor for Parent Heart Watch, support them, and work with them on their mission to eliminate preventable deaths from sudden cardiac arrest in youth by 2030. 

To learn more about Defibtech and to join us on our quest to save lives from sudden cardiac arrest, visit