Supporting Organizations Who Share Our Mission

Supporting Organizations Who Share Our Mission

December 2, 2022

Our mission at Defibtech has always been to improve survival rates and save lives from sudden cardiac arrest. Sudden cardiac arrest affects the lives of approximately 356,000 people per year outside of the hospital. Unfortunately, less than 10% of these people survive.
We understand that in order for survival rates to improve, we ALL need to work together. Defibtech is proud to partner with organizations all over the country who share a similar purpose.
There are many ways we support these organizations and work with them on fulfilling their mission each and every day.

AED Placement

The goal of many of our partners is to place AEDs in their communities, giving them to organizations in need. Being a manufacturer of AEDs, we work with these organizations to ensure they can place AEDs with organizations, locations, and families that need them.

CPR-AED Awareness

Having AEDs within the community is really important, but it is equally important to ensure people know how to react when sudden cardiac arrest strikes. We work with our partners to demonstrate how to perform CPR, how to use an AED, and how to implement the chain of survival.

Fundraising Events

Many of our partners host fundraising events to help them fulfill their mission and place more AEDS in their community. We are proud to support and sponsor these events to ensure these organizations are able to do the work they do to help save lives.

Shoreline Initiative

Defibtech headquarters is based on the Shoreline in Connecticut. Our mission starts with supporting our local community. We work with the Shoreline Chamber of Commerce as well as many other local businesses to help them become heart safe. Additionally, we attend community events to demonstrate to everyone how to use an AED to help save life. We want to make sure our local community is equipped with the technology to help save lives!
If you are interested in partnering with Defibtech, contact Mike Papale, Manager of Community Relations via email:
To learn more about Defibtech and to join us on our quest to save lives from sudden cardiac arrest, visit