Emergency Action Plans

Emergency Action Plans

September 22, 2022


It is important for all schools to be as prepared as possible to help save the life of someone in sudden cardiac arrest! AEDS should be placed within 3 minutes of all locations in a school. But just having AEDS in place is NOT enough. Having a comprehensive, detailed emergency action plan (EAP) is the first line of defense when sudden cardiac arrest strikes.

What is an emergency action plan?

An emergency action plan is a written document that is reviewed and practiced by all members of the school faculty and relayed to the local EMS system. According to the Korey Stringer Institute, “The plan provides information to ensure response to an emergency is rapid, appropriate, controlled and precise.” It is reviewed and practiced yearly to ensure it is ready to be used in an emergency situation.

What are the benefits of an emergency action plan?

The emergency action plan is a well-documented set of procedures  that can help lead to the prevention of sudden cardiac death. It defines how to to communicate with both school faculty as well as medical personnel on how to respond to a cardiac emergency. It also notes where all AEDS are located so that they can be easily accessed quickly when needed.

Seven Critical Elements to Include in Your Emergency Action Plan 

  1. Development of Cardiac Emergency Response Team
  2. The activation of the Cardiac Emergency Response Team
  3. AED Placement and Maintenance
  4. Communication of this plan to all staff
  5. Cardiac Emergency Response Drills
  6. Engagement of Local Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and integration of them into your plan
  7. Annual review and evaluation of the Cardiac Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Action Plan Templates

Click here to access Emergency Action Plan information and templates from The Korey Stringer Institute. 

Click here to access Emergency Action Plan information and templates from Parent Heart Watch. 

Remember, having AED is an important step, but it is NOT enough. Combining the AED with an efficient emergency action plan can give someone the best possible chances of survival from sudden cardiac arrest.

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