2020 Safety Alert

Safety Alert for DDU-2000 series AEDs

Defibtech is notifying customers of a Field Action regarding DDU-2000 series AEDs sold under the brand names Lifeline VIEW, Lifeline ECG, and ReviveR VIEW. You can check whether your AED is affected by entering your serial number(s) in the “Check Serial Number” section below.

Customer letters for USA-based customers and International customers describe the scope of the field correction and include important instructions and information regarding the Field Action. You may access these letters using the links below labeled “USA Customer Letter” and “International Customer Letter”.

Step 1: AED Serial Number Verification

Remove the pads from the storage pouch found on the back of your DDU-2000 series AED and locate the 9-digit serial number label (see the illustration below).

Lifeline AED Serial Number Check


Step 2: AED Serial Number Check

Type the 9-digit serial number in the box below and click the Check Serial Number button.