Defibtech Nonprofit Partner Spotlight

Defibtech Nonprofit Partner Spotlight

July 7, 2022


At Defibtech, we are dedicated to increasing survival from sudden cardiac arrest. Our vision is for Defibtech to lead explosive growth in AED usage and transform the pre-hospital treatment of sudden cardiac arrest by: 

• Keeping our customers and their patients at the center of all we do 
• Driving continuous improvement and operational excellence in all facets of our work 
• Challenging our capabilities and taking calculated risks to deliver breakthrough and innovative results 
• Fostering a culture of engagement, respect, and ownership 

We take pride in strategically aligning ourselves with nonprofit organizations that have a similar mission to ours and are working every day to help save lives from sudden cardiac arrest.  

We are proud corporate sponsors of four national nonprofit organizations and love supporting their amazing work.  

The Korey Stringer Institute 

The mission of the Korey Stringer Institute (KSI) is to provide research, education, advocacy and consultation to maximize performance, optimize safety and prevent sudden death for the athlete, warfighter and laborer. 

We work with KSI on their TUFFS program (Team Up For Sports Safety). The goal of TUFSS is to propel adoption of policies proven to reduce the incidence of catastrophic sport injuries for secondary school athletes.  The TUFSS project accomplishes this by identifying and bringing together the key individuals responsible for improving health and safety policies for high school athletes within a particular state. These individuals include, but are not limited to, state athletic/activities association, state athletic/activity association SMAC members, superintendents, principles, state legislators, athletic trainers, coaches, and medical personnel. These state specific meetings facilitate the collaboration of key stakeholders with the objective to formalize actionable items for adoption or improvement of health and safety policies as it pertains to secondary school athletic healthcare. 

We also support the innovATe program (Improving Needed Nationwide Opportunities & Value of Athletic Trainer Employment. We are proud to help athletic trainers get better access to Automated External Defibrillators. 

Click here to watch our webinar with Dr. Christy Eason during National Athletic Training Month. 

Click here to learn more about KSI and the work they are doing. 

Parent Heart Watch 

Parent Heart Watch is the only national voice solely dedicated to protecting youth from sudden cardiac arrest and preventable sudden cardiac death. PHW leads and empowers others by educating and advocating for change. 

We understand how often Sudden Cardiac Arrest affects the youth and do our part to raise awareness of how we can prevent young people from dying from sudden cardiac arrest. We recently partnered with Parent Heart Watch on their “Get Charged Up Program.” This program helped provide schools with a complete AED program including multiple AEDS, an emergency action plan, trained responders, a maintenance plan, and more!  

Click here to view our webinar with PHW Executive Director, Martha Lopez Anderson. 

Click here to learn more about Parent Heart Watch and the work they are doing. 

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation 

The mission of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation is to raise public awareness of sudden cardiac arrest and promote initiatives that help save lives through education, research, and community. The vision is to eliminate preventable death and disability from sudden cardiac arrest and support people affected by sudden cardiac arrest.  

They are a great resource for all things sudden cardiac arrest. We work with The Sudden Cardiac on their Call-Push-Shock Campaign which raises awareness for Calling 9-1-1, Providing Chest Compressions, and using an AED. 

Click here to learn more about The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation and the work they are doing. 

Citizen CPR Foundation 

The mission of The Citizen CPR Foundation is to save lives from sudden cardiac arrest by stimulating effective community, professional and citizen action. 

We are a member of The Citizen CPR Foundation Partner Council which is an impactful groups of key stakeholders working together to move the needle on sudden cardiac arrest survival rates in the U.S.  

We also help promote their HeartSafe Community program! 

Click here to learn more about The Citizen CPR Foundation and the work they are doing. 

To learn more about Defibtech and to join us on our quest to save lives from sudden cardiac arrest, visit