Take Resuscitation to the Next Level with ARM XR

ARM XR is an automated chest compression (ACC) device that helps emergency personnel deliver continuous, high-quality CPR for patients in cardiac arrest. With ARM XR, you can transition from manual to mechanical CPR in seconds and continue compressions during transport.

Saving Lives Is Our Singular Focus

Defibtech is committed to helping save lives by producing the highest-quality medical technologies for resuscitation.

Easily Switch from AED to ECG Display Mode

Defibtech’s Lifeline ECG AED can be configured into either AED mode, or the ECG waveform display mode with the touch of a button, and includes full-motion color video.

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Support you can count on

Defibtech supports EMS, fire and hospital teams in their delivery of life saving CPR and patient care. If you have a question or need assistance with our high-quality automated chest compression devices or AEDs, contact our service team.

AED and ACC resuscitation products for EMS

Providing CPR with automated chest compression and shock using an AED gives cardiac arrest patients a better chance of survival.

Buying Multiple Units?

If your team is interested in purchasing more than one Defibtech device, please contact our sales team to learn more about discounts for purchases of 2 or more units.

Effective for Performing Mechanical CPR

Defibtech’s ARM XR features a single-piece design that provides an incredibly strong platform for performing mechanical CPR. With ARM XR, EMS can quickly begin high-quality mechanical CPR without risking fatigue.

100-120 compressions

Rescuers should perform chest compressions at a rate of 100 to 120 compressions per minute.1

1 minute

Significant fatigue and shallow chest compressions are common after 1 minute of CPR.2

30-day survival

Mechanical chest compression improved hospital and 30-day survival, as well as short-term survival, in cases of in-hospital cardiac arrest.3

Built-In Cost and Resource Savings

Defibtech automated chest compression devices and AEDs provide cost-effective, reliable operation to extend your budget for emergency response. Easy to use and deploy, our devices can free up resources to perform other tasks during a cardiac arrest incident.

North Carolina EMS Teams Improve
Survival Rates with Defibtech

Buncombe County EMS responds to 29,000 calls annually with limited personnel. Using Defibtech equipment, they improved chest compression rates and consistency, and increased survival rates for Vfib cardiac arrest from 32% to 40%.

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