Sudden Cardiac Arrest Is a Killer in the US

The American Heart Association calls sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) one of the most lethal public health problems in our country. Having an AED on the premises saves time and helps save lives. When you know the stats, you realize how important it is to have AEDs on-site.



In the US, 95% of SCA victims die and SCA is often the first sign of an underlying heart problem.1

1 in 7.4

One in every 7.4 deaths in the US is attributed to sudden cardiac arrest.2


Chances of survival decrease by about 10% for every minute that passes without treatment.4

3 mins.

SCA survival rates are highest when defibrillation occurs within three minutes of collapsing.3

AEDs Protect Your Employees, Customers, Visitors and More

Defibtech Lifeline AEDs are available with a range of features based on your needs. Choose a model that works for your environment and users – whether that’s a more sophisticated AED with ECG waveform display, or the intuitive model featuring full-motion color video instructions.

Meet ARM XR ACC – Automated chest compression device for EMS

The newest addition to the Defibtech product family is the ARM XR automated chest compression (ACC) device designed for professional rescuers. ARM XR ACC helps emergency personnel deliver continuous, high-quality CPR for patients in cardiac arrest.


Lifeline ECG AED Is for Healthcare Providers and Rescue Pros

Defibtech’s Lifeline ECG AED is designed to meet the demanding requirements of healthcare providers, EMTs and other professional rescuers with dual AED and ECG waveform display options – all shown in real time. In AED mode, the unit offers full-color video, animated instructions that a layperson can follow.

Lifeline ECG AED


When you know how dangerous sudden cardiac arrest is, and how often it happens, you’ll want the peace of mind that comes from having a Defibtech AED in your parks, offices, gyms, schools and more. Get on board with lifesaving AEDs and be a heart champion for your organization!

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Defibtech AED Screen

Make Sure Your AED Is Ready to Perform in an SCA Emergency

The Lifeline ECG AED features a one-touch status screen that gives you up-to-the-minute information about your device and components – without powering on the device. You can quickly check unit status, battery life, and pads expiration date.

Everything You’ll Need for Your Defibtech AEDs & ACCs

Carrying cases, wall mounts and a wide range of optional accessories are also available including pads for adults and children, and Battery Packs for our Lifeline AEDs.

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