How to Check a Defibrillator

How to Check a Defibrillator

March 14, 2022

With the survival rate of sudden cardiac arrest being below 10%, we know the importance of having AEDs in all places where we live, work and play. It is important to remember that having a maintenance plan in place to ensure all AEDs are ready to help save a life is equally important.

There are a few reasons why it is important to check your AEDs:

When an AED is deployed during an emergency, it is crucial the AED is ready to be used. It would be a terrible scenario if an AED was on site to save a life, but not ready to be used.

By performing regular maintenance checks on the AED, it allows you to contact the manufacturer if there is anything you have questions about.

Although every state has Good Samaritan Laws that protect the user and the owner if the AED is used, many of those laws include that the AED must be maintained per manufacturer guidelines.

Someone should be responsible for performing AED maintenance checks at least monthly and these checks should be logged. Here are some things to look for when doing an AED Maintenance check:

  • Is the Active Status Indicator light on your AED flashing green? 
  • Are the AED pads plugged in and ready for use? 
  • Does the AED appear to be undamaged and ready for use? 
  • Is the AED free of chirping and warning notifications?  
  • Are the AED pads within their usable date?  
  • Is the AED battery within its usable date?
  • If the answer to any of these questions is no, call Customer Service immediately to determine what the issue might be with the AED.

Defibtech AED Program Management

Another option for maintaining your AEDs is DefibtechMD. DefibtechMD AED Program Management, powered by RescueStat, is designed to help customers develop and maintain effective AED programs. DefibtechMD combines Defibtech’s lifesaving AED technology with a suite of industry-leading tools and services from RescueStat to empower organizations across the globe to help manage risk and save more lives. 

DefibtechMD includes:

  • Customer Service team ready to help customers get the most out of their investment
  • AED Prescription
  • Medical Direction Certificate validating physician oversight
  • EMS Registration / Notification for AEDs
  • AED Program Management Guide
    • Comprehensive Web-based AED Tracking Software
  • AED Law Center
    • Database of current and pending state laws governing AEDs
  • Physician review of all SCA events where an AED is deployed
  • FDA recall monitoring

To learn more about Defibtech and to join us on our quest to save lives from sudden cardiac arrest, visit