Impactful Partnership with PFATS and Henry Schein

Bringing AEDs to More Sidelines

January 2, 2024

Throughout the year we witnessed prominent athletes suffer sudden cardiac arrest during a game or practice. It has helped us raise the awareness for the need for an AED on every sideline of every level of sport, even youth sports. Often times, youth sports organizations are battling a tight budget. They are working hard to provide a great opportunity for kids by buying equipment, renting field or court time, and paying referees. It is a challenge for them to obtain an AED for the program. This year, we teamed up with the Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society (PFATS) and Henry Schein to donate 32 AEDS to high schools, middle schools, and youth sports programs in need.


Henry Schein

Henry Schein, Inc. (Nasdaq: HSIC) is a solutions company for health care professionals powered by a network of people and technology. With more than 22,000 Team Schein Members worldwide, the Company's network of trusted advisors provides more than 1 million customers globally with more than 300 valued solutions that help improve operational success and clinical outcomes. Their Business, Clinical, Technology, and Supply Chain solutions help office-based dental and medical practitioners work more efficiently so they can provide quality care more effectively. These solutions also support dental laboratories, government and institutional health care clinics, as well as other alternate care sites.


The PFATS Foundation strives to advance the Athletic Training profession and develop athletic trainers by providing educational opportunities and cutting-edge research. The PFATS Foundation utilizes three avenues consisting of internal education, external education, and a research committee to enhance the development of athletic trainers.

The Impact

The group received 270 applications from organizations in need of AEDS and worked together to determine the 32 AED recipients.

We are proud to partner with these two great organizations on this initiative. Based on the high volume of applications we received, it is clear there is still a need for more AEDS on the sidelines of middle school, high school, and youth sports.

When sudden cardiac arrest strikes, it is crucial an AED is within 3 minutes, there are people trained, and an emergency action plan is in place.

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