How to Spread Awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Your Community

How to Spread Awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Your Community

October 5, 2023

October is sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) awareness month. We want all of you to spread awareness in your local communities! Spreading awareness and getting involved in prevention activities in your community can be very simple but can have a huge impact. Awareness, education, and prevention are the first steps to preventing sudden cardiac arrest tragedies, which is why it is important.
Here are a few easy ways to spread awareness in your communities:

Educate yourself about SCA

The first step to spreading awareness is understanding SCA. The facts can seem overwhelming, so we are going to share a few:
              -Sudden cardiac arrest occurs when the heart suddenly stops beating
              -Approximately 356,00 people annually suffer out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest, just in the United States
              -The survival rate of SCA is around 10%
              -Immediate use of an AED and CPR can increase chances of survival

Talk to Friends and Family About SCA

Spreading awareness can be as simple as having a conversation about SCA! Next time you are talking to a friend or colleague that may not know about SCA, bring it up and share what you know. Educating those around you can prepare them for cardiac emergencies. Once they learn about sudden cardiac arrest, they may talk to people they know about it which can cause a domino effect. You can even share this blog with a friend. It is also important to talk to your family about any heart disease that may run in the family so you can advocate for yourself and be proactive in informing your doctor of your family history.

Reach Out to Representatives to Show Your Support for SCA Laws

Currently, there are many pieces of legislation pertaining to sudden cardiac arrest that need support. Reaching out to your local, state, and federal representatives shows support for these bills can help move them along. The Access to AEDs Act is a national bill that would increase the availability of AEDs in schools. You can support this legislation by encouraging members of Congress to support this bill.
Ask your Members of Congress to support the bipartisan Access to AEDs Act. (


Volunteer at Local Heart Screenings & CPR Events

There are hundreds of nonprofit organizations throughout the country that work to combat SCA. Many of these non-profits hold heart screening, CPR, or AED events that always need volunteers. Finding a local non-profit is a great way to support your community as well as support the prevention of SCA.

We appreciate each of you spreading awareness about SCA. Together, we can make change!

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