Defibtech Announces New ARM XR Automated Chest Compression Device Will Debut at FDIC

Defibtech Announces New ARM XR Automated Chest Compression Device Will Debut at FDIC

April 18, 2023

Guilford, CT – Defibtech, a U.S. manufacturer of life-saving medical equipment, announced today the release of the next evolution of their automated CPR device, the ARM XR. The ARM XR is intended for use by emergency medical professionals to treat patients who are in cardiac arrest.

“We are very excited to unveil our next generation device at the FDIC show,” said Joe Mullally, Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations for Defibtech. “Our teams have been working diligently to bring this product to market with an ultimate goal of expanding the use of automated CPR technology by emergency responders and improving out of hospital cardiac arrest outcomes.”

The ARM XR builds upon the technology of the original Defibtech ARM device but offers new features including a suction cup piston design that generates compressions and up to 0.6 in (1.5 cm) of recoil for chest wall expansion along with changes to the frame and backboard that allow for faster, smoother patient application. With an unmatched battery life, the rugged ARM XR maintains continuous compressions over long durations.

“We all know the importance of high-quality, continuous compressions during CPR,” said AJ Pace, Defibtech’s Vice President of Global Marketing, “and we know the industry is feeling pressure because of employee shortages and needing to do more with less. The beauty of the ARM XR is that it’s affordable, allows emergency response personnel to work with smaller teams – even a single EMT can operate it, and it helps to eliminate fatigue and even burnout among responders.”

The new ARM XR will be on display in the Defibtech booth #136 at FDIC. Attendees are welcome to visit for a live product demonstration. To learn more about the benefits of automated CPR, or about the features of the new ARM XR, visit

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