Defibtech Announces Expansion of Lifeline VIEW & ECG Product Lines in the United States

Defibtech Announces Expansion of Lifeline VIEW & ECG Product Lines in the United States

May 28, 2024  •  Guilford, CT

Defibtech, a U.S. manufacturer of life-saving medical equipment, announced today the release of an expansion to their Lifeline VIEW and Lifeline ECG product lines in the United States. The new dual-language AED models allow a rescuer to choose English or Spanish as the spoken language with the simple touch of a button. When the AED is turned on, a Language Softkey Icon appears on the devices screen, and pressing the corresponding Softkey allows the user to toggle between English and Spanish voice instruction.

“We are very pleased to bring forward these new AED models in the U.S.,” said Joseph Mullally, Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations for Defibtech. “With the prevalence of Spanish being spoken across the country, these additions will make the AEDs accessible to more of the population, which ultimately will save more lives from sudden cardiac arrest.”

The new Lifeline VIEW and ECG dual language AEDs can be ordered in configurations with a standard 4-year battery or an FAA, TSO approved battery that is certified for use in federal aviation. Defibtech distributors can learn more about ordering the new devices by reaching out to their Defibtech sales representative.

The award-winning Lifeline VIEW AED features a large, full-color interactive display that provides the user with step-by-step instructions for performing CPR, rescue breathing, and external defibrillation.

The Lifeline ECG AED offers users the ability to view instructional videos or ECG information. Additionally, the Lifeline ECG can be used in a non-diagnostic ECG monitoring mode, to allow for rhythm and heart rate monitoring.

About Defibtech

Defibtech is a leader and innovator in the design and manufacture of life-saving resuscitation devices including automated external defibrillators (AEDs), mechanical chest compressors, and related accessories that the public and healthcare professionals depend on every day. With more than 600,000 AED units shipped worldwide, Defibtech is committed to saving lives by producing the best AEDs that advanced medical technology has to offer. Headquartered in Guilford, Conn., all of Defibtech’s life-saving products are conceived and developed in-house and are designed and built in the United States at their state-of-the-art facilities. For more information about Defibtech and its products, visit