Mount Hope Fire Department introduces two new

Mount Hope Fire Department introduces two new "Defibtech Life Arms" to assist in CPR

March 1, 2021  •  Mount Hope, WV

The Mount Hope Fire Department is introducing a new CPR device to assist in life support.

The department purchased two “Defibtech Life Arms,” with the assistance of a $10,000 Care’s Act grant awarded by Governor Justice. The device limits direct contact while performing CPR, which protects providers from possible exposure to COVID-19 as well as increases efficiency regarding manpower within the department.

“Basically they’re an automatic CPR device that allows us to consistently deliver high-quality CPR in patients who are in cardiac arrest,” said Mount Hope Fire Department Chief Shane Wheeler. “It also allows us to do what they refer to as ‘heads-up CPR,’ which is some things that are being studied right now. It shows some promise as far as successfully resuscitating patients.”

The “Defibtech Life Arms” can make up the work of a full staffer within the department.