Defibtech Donates AED to Pepe’s Pizza in Memory of Beloved Business Owner

Defibtech Donates AED to Pepe’s Pizza in Memory of Beloved Business Owner

October 20, 2022

Press Contact: AJ Pace 203-453-6654 x 113

October 20, 2022, Guilford, CT Defibtech, a Connecticut manufacturer of AEDs and life-saving resuscitation equipment, announced that they held a brief ceremony Wednesday in conjunction with Pepe’s Pizza where the company donated an AED to be placed at the famous Wooster Street pizzeria. The donation was made in memory of iconic owner and pizzamaker Gary Bimonte. Bimonte, the grandson of Franke Pepe, the original restaurant founder, tragically passed away in 2021 from a heart attack.

“We had heard the story of Gary’s passing and reached out to see if we could get involved in donating an AED in his memory,” said AJ Pace, Vice President of Global Marketing for Defibtech. “Being so close to New Haven, we’ve all eaten at Pepe’s, and wanted to pay tribute to this man who had such an impact on the community, in addition to ensuring that the restaurant, which always has a line out the door, is equipped should they ever have an employee or customer who suffers a sudden cardiac arrest.”

According to Pace, sudden cardiac arrests are more common than most people think. They impact approximately 356,000 Americans annually. Cardiac arrests do differ from heart attacks, but a heart attack can be followed by a cardiac arrest where the person loses consciousness and their heart stops beating completely. Oftentimes though, cardiac arrest occurs suddenly and without any warning. When someone experiences sudden cardiac arrest, immediate CPR and the quick use of an AED can double or triple their chance of survival.

“Our team is excited to accept this AED donation from Defibtech in memory of Gary,” said Paul Hahn, General Manager of Pepe’s in New Haven. “We are making sure it is easily accessible to both our staff and patrons in the event of an emergency. While we hope it never needs to be used, we feel prepared.”

October is National Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month. While AEDs can be administered by the public in a sudden cardiac arrest emergency, many people feel nervous about the prospect of operating them. Even though they are easy to use and provide step-by-step instructions, just by watching an online video of an AED in use, people can familiarize and get more comfortable with what they would need to do if someone near them goes into sudden cardiac arrest. Defibtech is spreading the word to help save more lives. To learn more about sudden cardiac arrest or about how to protect your facility with an AED, visit

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