Rescue Pack


The Rescue Pack contains a CPR MICROMASK™, eye shield, two pairs of nitrile gloves, wipes, towel, razor, scissors, and a bio‑hazard bag. The pack fits nicely inside an AED wall cabinet or in either hard case, or it can clip onto the exterior strap of the soft carrying case.

(This product is no longer offered in Europe and Australia)

AED Inspection Tag, DAC-801

Inspection Tag


Stay on track with your AED maintenance schedule by using this AED inspection tag.


ECG Monitoring Adaptor Cable


This 3-lead adaptor can be used with a Defibtech Lifeline PRO AED (DCF-E2410) or a Defibtech Lifeline ECG AED (DCF-E2460) to provide a non-diagnostic ECG display of the patient’s heart rhythm for attended patient monitoring.

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Compatible with: Lifeline PRO & Lifeline ECG

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