Rotaid PLUS Indoor Cabinet for AEDs is Now Available from Defibtech

Rotaid PLUS Indoor Cabinet for AEDs is Now Available from Defibtech

June 3, 2019  •  Guilford, CT

Defibtech’s latest accessory for their family of Lifeline AEDs is the Rotaid PLUS Indoor Cabinet for Defibtech. This unique AED cabinet, with its characteristic round shape, provides a robust, durable, and instantly recognizable resource in the event of an SCA emergency. Just a quick twist is needed to gain full access to the AED.

Rock-solid construction and durable materials ensure a long-lasting appearance and provide sturdy protection for your life-saving equipment. The tinted translucent cover with UV filters makes sure your Lifeline AED and its Active Status Indicator (ASI) are visible at all times. The cabinet comes with a battery-powered, audible alarm system to alert bystanders when the system is in use. All models of the Lifeline AED series and the Lifeline VIEW series can be used or stored with or without their carrying cases.

About Defibtech

Defibtech LLC is a leader and innovator in the design and manufacture of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and other lifesaving resuscitation products such as the design award winning Lifeline ARM, an automated chest compression (ACC) device. By using advanced design and manufacturing techniques, Defibtech provides value-oriented, easy-to-use solutions with high quality and reliability. Defibtech devices include the Lifeline family of AEDs and related accessories, along with the ACC device and its accessories. With almost half a million defibrillators deployed worldwide in various language configurations, Defibtech has drawn accolades and won numerous awards for innovative product design, growth, quality, and services. Defibtech’s products are sold exclusively through a network of distribution partners in the United States and in over 50 countries around the world. Headquartered in Guilford, Conn., all Defibtech products are designed and manufactured in the United States in state-of-the-art ISO compliant facilities.