Defibtech Wins a Connecticut Quality Improvement Award (CQIA) Innovation Prize

Defibtech Wins a Connecticut Quality Improvement Award (CQIA) Innovation Prize

Guilford, CT
October 13, 2008

Defibtech announced today that it has won a CQIA Innovation Prize, for its Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Training Devices, in the Connecticut Quality Improvement Award's 21st annual award series.

The Connecticut Quality Improvement Award Partnership is America's first state level award to use the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Criteria for Performance Excellence and the only state award among 32 other state quality awards that sponsors an annual Innovation Prize. The award promotes and recognizes performance excellence in CT organizations. This year, Defibtech's training devices were deemed worthy of the award.

Defibtech has two training devices, which aid in training a user how to properly use an AED: a Standalone Trainer AED and a Training Kit. The Defibtech Trainer AED simulates the rescue AED in form and function. All rubberized exterior surfaces are red, instead of black, to clearly distinguish the unit as a training device.

The Training Kit allows a rescue Defibtech™ AED to be converted into an AED training device. The Training Kit includes a Training Battery Pack (clearly distinguished by its red color), a Training Software Card (which converts the rescue unit into a training unit) and Training Pads (which do not deliver a shock but which look and fell like real defibrillation pads).

When these devices were introduced into the market this high level of design and functionality had not been seen in AED training devices. "The Defibtech™ Trainer AED and Training Kit raised the bar for training products in the AED market," said Defibtech President Gintaras Vaisnys.

This 2008 award is the third time that the CT Quality Improvement Award Partnership awarded Defibtech with an Innovation Award. In 2004 Defibtech was recognized for its Lifeline™ AED and in 2006 an award was presented to Defibtech for the DefibtechMD™ AED Management Program.