Defibtech Reaches New International Markets

Defibtech Reaches New International Markets

December 31, 2009

Defibtech announced today that international sales of Defibtech products continued to grow as more user languages are added to the Defibtech product line.

Defibtech AEDs have been shipped to over 30 countries worldwide, including Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, UK, Ireland, China, Korea and India. Each country is able to order language specific units, which “talk” the user through a rescue, providing audible “step-by-step” instructions. The Defibtech Lifeline AED is available in 16 different languages; the most recent additions are Norwegian, Korean and Slovenian.

“We are excited to have an expanded international product line,” said Gianfranco Buchbinder, Vice President of International Sales and Marketing. “Not only do we have more and more languages available every year, but we also recently began shipping fully automatic external defibrillators, which certain international markets prefer.”

The Defibtech AUTO is a fully automatic external defibrillator that analyzes the victim’s heart rhythm and automatically delivers a shock, if a shock is necessary. Defibtech began shipping the AUTO to European markets in November.

AEDs revive victims of sudden cardiac arrest caused by ventricular fibrillation. Studies show that if victims are defibrillated within a minute or two after arrest, more than 70 percent survive. If defibrillation is delayed for more than 10 minutes, only 5 percent live, making immediate access to AEDs vital.