Defibtech in Newsweek Magazine

Defibtech in Newsweek Magazine

August 11, 2008

In the current edition of Newsweek magazine, Defibtech was recognized as one of the big manufacturers of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).

The Newsweek article entitled "Jump-Start That Heart" appeared in a health column in the August 11th edition of the weekly news magazine, which has a U.S. circulation of 3.1 million. The article was in response to the sudden cardiac arrest death of the well-known newsman Tim Russert. As Caitlin McDevitt wrote: "Big manufacturers such as Philips and Defibtech say their phones have been ringing nonstop since Russert's passing on June 13. ...Defibtech CEO Glenn Laub, a cardiac surgeon, says he's been 'deluged' by calls."

The article goes on the say that "There's no telling whether a defibrillator could have saved Russert's life. ...Still defibrillation is the most effective emergency treatment for cardiac arrest - the No.1 killer in America - and can increase survival odds from 2 to 50 percent."

Defibtech was founded on the belief that AEDs should be as ubiquitous as fire extinguishers. "The only cure for sudden cardiac death is early defibrillation," said Dr. Laub. "The only chance for early defibrillation is to have AEDs available in all public places."