Defibtech Cintas Introduce Revolutionary ReviveR View AED at National Safety Council Congress

Defibtech, Cintas Introduce ‘Revolutionary’ ReviveR™ View AED at National Safety Council Congress & Expo

Orlando, Fla.
October 26, 2009

Defibtech and Cintas Corporation introduced the new ReviveR™ View automated external defibrillator (AED) today at the National Safety Council 2009 Congress & Expo. Designed and manufactured by Defibtech, the ReviveR View will be sold and distributed exclusively through Cintas.

Featuring a full-color LCD display, the ReviveR View is the first and only AED on the market to use digital video to show how to save a life of a sudden cardiac arrest victim in real-time. A video demonstration can be viewed at

“It’s a revolutionary change in how a defibrillator works — it’s like having a high-definition TV instead of a radio,” said Defibtech Chief Executive Officer Dr. Glenn W. Laub. “The digital video makes the View the easiest AED on the market to use.”

“Cintas is pleased to be the only company currently offering this state of the art technology to our customers,” said Scott Farmer, Chief Executive Officer of Cintas Corporation. “The easier the AED is to use, the more likely it is that a life will be saved. It is truly an amazing innovation,” he added.

To date, Cintas ReviveR AEDs have saved the lives of more than 120 victims of sudden cardiac arrest since Cintas began providing them to its customers in 2003. The ReviveR View will be demonstrated at Cintas’ Expo booth #1763 throughout the trade show.

How the ReviveR View works
Using the ReviveR View is like having a personal coach at a rescuer’s side. While many other AEDs on the market provide audible voice instruction to rescuers, the ReviveR View shows rescuers how to save a life by visually walking a rescuer through each step of lifesaving in real-time during an emergency. Interactive videos supplemented by easy-to-read text and voice prompts show the rescuer everything from how to apply the defibrillation pads to how to deliver the shocks to the sudden cardiac arrest victim. CPR and rescue breathing are also demonstrated via video.

Why the ReviveR View is important
The ReviveR View was designed to assist rescuers coming to the aid of sudden cardiac arrest victims. AEDs are best placed in areas where people regularly gather, such as workplaces, fitness clubs, hotels, schools, and homes. According to the Heart Rhythm Foundation, sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death in the United States. According to recent estimates, more than 400,000 Americans suffer sudden cardiac arrest each year. With the national sudden cardiac arrest survival rate estimated at 5 percent, about 20,000 people have their lives saved with AEDs each year.